Labour Relations Section

The Zululand District Municipalities Labour Relations Section is manned by:

LR NE Langa.jpg

Mr NE Langa is our Senior Labour Relations Officer

The Labour Relations Section is responsible for two functions namely, Labour Relations as well as Occupational Health and Safety.

Labour Relations Function:

1.Case Management:

The incumbent co-ordinates and control procedures and research sequences associated with Disciplinary and Grievance processes. He does that by interpreting, researching case law, preparing and submitting the necessary documentation indicating the Municipality`s intention of proceeding with the disciplinary action.

2. Case Presentation:

He is also responsible for preparing and representing the Municipality by presenting its case internally or externally (Bargaining Council). At the Bargaining Council, he represents the Municipality at Conciliations and Arbitrations.

3. Information Dissemination:

He is also responsible for provision of practical training and guidance to Management on procedures and applications associated with specific Employment Relations.

Occupational Health and Safety:

The incumbent is responsible for the safety of all staff members within the entire municipality. He ensures this by conducting health and safety audits/visits whereby he is expected to visit all sites and identify health hazards. He marks health hazards and notifies management of same and suggests recommendations. These visits are done on three months intervals.


He is also responsible for the organization of the Health and Safety Committee meetings which are to sit once in every three months. He is also responsible for investigations and reporting of all incidents and accidents regarding injuries on duty. These incidents/accidents must be reported to respective supervisors who in turn will have to report to him as soon as possible. This is done in order to allow him to comply with the requirement that an accident must be reported to the Compensation Commissioner within seven (7) days.

By virtue of him performing the duties of the Health and Safety Officer, he is allowed by law to stop operations immediately if he is of the opinion that continued operations might result in an accident.