About the Department


The strategic objective for the Technical Services Department is to progressively provide cost effective, reliable water services of good quality to all potential consumers in the district.The Technical Department is divided into three main divisions, viz:

Project Management Unit (PMU):

The Project Management Unit is responsible for the implementation of all the capital projects in the district. The unit has a total of 6 technical officers, two Institutional Social Development Officers (ISDO) and a Senior Project Administrator.

Bulk Water and Wastewater Management:

The main function of the "Urban and Rural Reticulation Section" division is to operate and maintain the water and sanitation networks in both urban and rural areas within the Local Municipalities that make up the Zululand District Municipality. This section further manages the provision of emergency water under the drought relief programme. At present all urban areas are serviced with water and sanitation which is metered and they also receive the 6 kilolitre Free Basic Water per month.

Rural and Urban Reticulation:

The core function for Water Services Provision Bulk is to ensure that water and wastewater infrastructure is managed properly in order to produce a cost effective and class one (1) quality of water as required by the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs (DWEA). It is also to Operate and Maintain the Bulk Infrastructure in order  to minimize down time. 
The above is carried out in all Local Municipalities with the exception of Abaqulusi Municipality's Urban water and waste infrastructure.