ZDMQ 0247-10-2018 Hiring of Psychometric and Competency Assessment for Top Management


Hereby invites quotation for:

Quotation no: ZDMQ 0247/10/2018

Zululand District Municipality would like to invite the interested service providers to submit quotation for the following:

Hiring of accredited service provider to provide Psychometric and Competency Assessment for Top Management

Quotations are hereby requested for the provision of psychometric and competency assessments in terms of the specifications as detailed below

Zululand District Municipality would like to invite interested suppliers with a proven track record in terms of Regulations 21 dated 17 January 2014 published in Government Gazette 37247 for an accredited service provider to provide Competency Assessments.


The aim of the assessment intervention is for the purposes of scientifically assessing successfully recommended candidates for certain level and category positions within the municipality. Also, for individuals to undergo psychometric and competency assessments in order to meet the competencies and psychometric level inherent to the job. In addition this will also be an opportunity to identify areas of development to measure and monitor future development.

Scope of work

Providing Specialist Assessment Services (psychometric and competency assessments) for the Zululand District Municipality for prospective employees.

The municipality's Competency Framework consists of a number of competencies (Leadership, Local Government, Management, Generic and Functional which can be generically applied to broad number roles within the municipality. The municipality competency framework consists of all competency assessments tabulated below, which must form the basis against which assessments are conducted and/or any other functional competencies identified by the department.

Leadership Competency

These are the competencies that are required to craft clear institutional strategy, initiates, drive and implements municipal transformation to achieve long term sustainable and measurable service delivery performances results

Local Government Core Competency

These are competencies to conceptualise Local Government (LG)'s context of political and administrative interface and dynamics, accurately as well as effectively incorporating the dynamics to achieve municipality service delivery goals and objectives of the Local Government. The core competencies cut across all levels of work in the municipality and enhance contextualised leadership that guarantees service delivery impact.

Management Competency

These are the competences that pertain to the functional area, example: leading and managing others. These are competences that entail supervisory and managerial positions, including project management roles which involve managing others.

Generic Competency

A competency which is not specific to work in a particular occupation or industry, but is important for work, education and life in general, e.g. communication skill, mathematical skill, organisational skills, computer literacy, interpersonal competence, and analytical skills.

Functional Competency

Job-specific competencies that drive proven high-performance, quality results for a given position. They are often technical or operational in nature.

Financial Competency

Financial competencies in relation to budget planning and execution, financial strategy and delivery and financial reporting and monitoring.

The results and highlighted areas that require further investigation will give supervisors and hiring managers a more accurate basis for the hiring decision.

Time frame:

Recommended Services providers will be expected to resume with the assessment between before end of October 2018.

Evaluation Criteria

All proposals received shall be evaluated based on the following criteria.

Bidders must obtain a minimum of 65 points on functionality in order to proceed to the next stage of evaluation which is Price and BBBEE level. Failure to obtain 65 points will render your proposal non-responsive. Scoring will be allocated accordingly in line with documents presented that support the aspects indicated in Functionality below.


Experience in the assessment field not less than 5 years


Approach and methodology (as per specification)


Evidence of similar / related projects


Three (3) Contactable references of assessments provided


Post Assessment Support


All bidders that have obtained the required 65 points for functionality will be evaluated using the 80/20 Preferential Point System as specified in the revised Preferential Procurement Regulations. In this regard 80 points will be allocated for price and 20 points will be distributed as per the table below:

BBBEE 20 Points

80 Price


For enquiries please contact Head of Department Corporate Services Mr PM Manqele on 035 874 5510.

Quotation documents are available from our website or you can collect from SCM Section office no. G7.

For Supply Chain enquiries please contact Chief Accountant Supply Chain Management Nomsa Sithole on 035 874 5516 during office hours.

CLOSING DATE: 16 October 2018 @ 12hOO.

Duly completed quotation documents sealed in an envelope marked with the quotation number and the closing date are to posted into the tender box at Zululand District Municipality, Lot B-400 Gagane Street, Ulundi, 3838 by no later than 12h00 on the closing date. Telegraphic, email, telefaxed or posted tender will not be accepted.

The Bid committee of Zululand District Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation, or to furnish any reason for the acceptance or rejection of a quotation.

RN Hlongwa

Acting Municipal Manager

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2018/10/16 12:00
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Duly completed quotation documents, sealed in an envelope marked with the tender number and the closing date, are to be deposited into the tender box at Zululand District Municipality, Lot B-400, Gagane Street, Ulundi 3838 by no later than 12:00 on the closing date, where they will be opened in public. Telegraphic, telefaxed or posted tenders will not be accepted.

Tenders may only be submitted on the tender documentation that is issued. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivering, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the tender data.

The Bid Committee of Zululand District Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation.

SB Nkosi

Municipal Manager