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"Before I can say many things, after my inauguration today, allow me Mr Speaker to take this opportunity to thank the leadership of my party, the National Freedom Party for trusting me to the point of deciding to deploy me as Mayor of the Zululand District Municipality.

I specifically want to convey my sincere thanks to the NFP President and former Mayor, Cllr VZ KaMagwaza-Msibi, now an Honourable Member of the National Assembly.

I also feel humbled at having to fill the shoes of the hard-working leader, yet I am also fired up to work for the betterment of the lives of our people.

KaMagwaza-Msibi has served this municipality for more than 18 years as Mayor; actively making a positive contribution to the lives of almost one million people of this District. Dominant in her political philosophy was service delivery to better the people's lives.

The water and sanitation infrastructure in our municipality area was delivered under her jurisdiction. She has also delivered many socio-economic projects to better the quality of lives of people in this Region. For that reason, we applaud her acts as leader of our region. No history about this Region will be complete without the mention of her name and her good work.

We have witnessed service delivery par-excellence, as well as good governance within the limits of the resources available to her.

On behalf of this Council, the people and the administration of the Zululand District Municipality, we wish her well in her new role as Leader of the NFP in the National Assembly.

I also want to thank the joint caucuses of the NFP, as well as the ANC for endorsing my nomination and that of my other colleagues, Mr Sphamandla Ntombela and Mr OV Mbuyisa as members of the Executive Committee and speaker respectively.

While we thank the Municipal Manager, Mr JH de Klerk for his implementation role we are proud to work with him and his team of officials. We count on his experience and that of his colleagues; the directors of different departments and the staff.

We also hope to continue working in harmony with civil society as our ex-Mayor, while striving to march forward with service delivery, continuing with all the projects that our President initiated."


Zululand district Mayor

Cllr kaMagwaza-Msibi

The outgoing Mayor of Zululand District Municipality Councillor Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi
The National Freedom Party leader Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi bids farewell as she heads to Cape Town to take up her position in Parliament. She has this message for the Zululand family:

"It's a sad day for me as I leave you, but I feel I can say I that I have played my part as Mayor here at Zululand, and it is time for me to move on - and life should  go on. I wish to thank everyone for contributing to who I am today. As NFP President, the party has deployed me to represent it at the National Parliament in Cape Town.

I wish to state clearly that I would not be what I am without the support of the Municipal Manager, Mr JH de Klerk, the HODs, especially the CFO and the head of Technical Services who plays an important role in service delivery, as well as you the staff and for that I want to sincerely thank you.

I started the Zululand District Municipality from scratch and among the early officials who were with me then, were the Municipal Manager, the CFO Mr Nkosi and HOD of Corporate Services Mr MN Shandu.

What brought us the immediate and sustainable accomplishment was the fact that we were all determined to succeed and this made the approximately one million strong community of Zululand pleased with our rate of service-delivery.

I am also proud to say that the Zululand District Municipality for 14 consecutive years have had an unqualified audit report from the Auditor-General. This can be dedicated to good financial management systems employed by the municipality, and dedicated finance staff.

I have been made aware that some of the staff members are unsettled by my departure and the prospect of a new mayor. I want to urge you to continue to work hard and to serve the community with diligence and respect. Although I am leaving Zululand, my heart will always be in this District which is also home to me."

During her tenure as ZDM Mayor, KaMagwaza-Msibi, a darling of Zululand people, was responsible for building several schools (classrooms), although this was not a core function of the municipality. Crèches, Princess Mandisi Healthcare Centre, market stalls, as well as water and sanitation projects have been completed. Ten major dams which will help solve water problems in the area of Zululand are still under construction.

VZ, as she was affectionately known to residents of this District, also introduced several developments like the one aimed at boosting the economy of local wards (LED); others include the buying of school uniforms for poor children; the day for those living with disabilities (physical challenges); Christmas for the elderly and children; the honouring of local Maskandi musicians.

To keep the youth away off the streets, she also introduced the Zululand 56km Ultra Marathon which has grown by leaps and bounds. This year winners were presented with motor vehicles as prizes. The ZDM also honoured important days like the Youth day and Aids awareness day.

Scheduled flights between Ulundi, Durban/Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg have been introduced. Significant upgrades have been made to the Prince Mangosuthu Airport, to enhance the visitors experience.


ZDM Municipal Manager

Mr Johan de Klerk, Zululand District Municipality Municipal Manager

Message from the Municipal Manager:

It is that time of the year again that we have to record our progress as a district in the 13/2014 financial year. We are proud of the progress we have made over the years in making people's lives better. Our district is one of the few municipalities in this country that has a good track record of spending all MIG allocations. This gives us an advantage that we are then allocated extra funds by the national government to proceed with our planned programmes in service delivery.

Since the takeover of the Prince Mangosuthu Airport, we have made remarkable progress especially in getting this institution up and running again. We are now busy with renovations of the whole structure and are currently in bilateral talks with overseas countries to invest in it as a district tourism hub. Other foreign investments we will receive include Spanish aid where local farmers will get a financial boost. This project will first be piloted in Ulundi and Nongoma Municipalities and other three local municipalities will soon follow.

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